Abduction and Sexual Battery of a 12-Year-Old, in Miami

Aliex Santiesteban, 43, was arrested Tuesday in connection to the kidnapping, sexual assault and shooting of a 12-year-old boy over the weekend, investigators said. (Miami-Dade Police Department)

Found wandering the streets at 3 A.M., a 12-year-old was found in critical condition by a passerby. His jaw was shot, his head was bleeding and he had been temporarily blinded. The boy had snuck out of his house that night, placing pillows in place of him to go to a friend’s. It was at this time when the accused found the boy, kidnapped him, forced him into the back of his car, where he continued to sexually assault him and shoot him with a gun then forcing him out of the car leaving him stranded on a Miami street.

The police assess that the passerby who is identified as Johnny found the boy screaming for help. Not having a phone on him he takes the critically wounded boy to the Foodland Market nearby to call the police for him. The boy still had been in his senses as he walked up to the corner of the street where the market had been, when he suddenly collapsed clutching onto his bleeding head, as a person beside him dialed 911.

Through DNA Analysis the police tracked down the suspect to Aliex Santiesteban, a 43-year-old man this early Tuesday, who was charged with sexual assault with a charged weapon, the abduction, and attempted murder of the 12-year-old. Santiesteban had found this 12-year-old boy at the Brownsville neighborhood near Miami walking the streets around 2-3 A.M. Taking advantage of the situation, he pulls his car at the side of the road, kidnaps and forces the boy into the back of his car, where he rapes the boy critically injuring him. A struggle between the two followed, after which Santiesteban shot the boy in his jaw, temporarily blinding him. Then he forces the boy out of his car, who was then found screaming for help and trying to use his touch to find a way. Aliex Santiesteban has disproved all such allegations.

Alfredo Ramirez, as the Miami- Dade Police director and also as the parent of a 12-year-old, comments on how disturbed he felt at the incident and how the boy will have to deal with years of physical and mental trauma, ahead of him. The police rescued the unconscious 12-year-old from the market, taking him to the George Memorial Hospital where he remains in a critical state.

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