Find The Alternative Gaming Options For iOS and Android Platforms That Are Just Like PUBG!

The Indian Government announced in July of 2020 that an overall of 59 apps from Chinese companies will be banned in India, in order to sustain the integrity and security of Indian online users. Out of these apps, one app that the Indian gaming community suffered the most from was the banning of the PUBG mobile game. Owing to the fact that India was one the biggest markets that Tencent had, this news came as a huge shock. Now that the Indian users can no more access the PUBG mobile game, we have come up with a few gaming alternatives for iOS and Android platforms that will serve the same purpose as the PUBG mobile game.

1. Call of Duty for Mobile: The best alternative

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Call of Duty, the mobile edition was launched in 2019 for both iOS as well as Android platforms, giving stiff competition to the PUBG franchise since its very first day. And now if we fast forward the timeline to the current day, the Call of Duty mobile edition has already gained a mass following among the Indian gaming community. Given that the Indian gamers can no more get access to their favorite PUBG game anymore due to its ban in India, we feel like this is just the right time to give this amazing game of Battle Royale at least one try.

An additional perk to the Call of Duty mobile edition is that since it is published by the US-based studio of Activision, you do not have to worry about it getting banned as well. Offering each and every gaming feature and minute detail that you used to love in the PUBG mobile game, the Call of Duty has already become an immensely popular gaming favorite. For instance, you can take part in the battle royale gaming mode with a 5 x 5 deathmatch between 100 players, you have multiplayer options such as the Call of Duty black ops, etc., only to name a few features.

In this game, you can even customize your character as many times as you wish to, add impressive weapons, earn lots of rewards and unlock new characters as you keep on playing. The entire game only occupies a total space of only 2GB and runs smoothly even on Android phones that are on the lower end of the budget bracket. To put it in simple terms: in the current gaming scenario, the best alternative gaming option to PUBG is Call of Duty.

2. Fortnite: A seamless gaming experience

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In this category we need to consider two factors: One is obviously the ban of PUBG mobile game, and the second factor is that Fortnite was ousted from the Indian Apple app store. Studies showed that more than 75% of Indian mobile users have the Android operating system. So, these two factors work together to create a big opportunity for Epic’s Fortnite game to grow big in the Indian gaming market.

Although Fortnite was removed from the Play Store, you do not have to worry, as you can easily find the game free of cost on its own website. The installation process is quite seamless, and the graphics are astonishing as well. When it comes to the gameplay features of Fortnite, we feel no hesitation in saying that it is actually better than PUBG in certain spheres. There are 4 modes available for gameplay: save the world, creative, party royale, and battle royale. You loved playing the cheer park in PUBG? The party royale is an alternative to that, whereas the creative mode is where you get the opportunity to design an island of your own. In save the world mode, you play in survival mode in a cooperative scenario where you have to defend your tower.

The only downsides that bring down the overall position of Fortnite in this list are its excessive space requirement of an average of 8 GB to complete installation and compatibility-related requirements. For instance, you need to have at least the Android 8 version, a RAM of at least 4 GB, and a processor of at least mid to high tier range.

3. Garena Free Fire: 3volution: The best option for beginners

The other two games that we mentioned above are suitable for gamers who have already established their comfort with playing in fights with high capacity requirements. But if you are a beginner who would first like to start their gaming experience from a comparatively easier platform, then the battlegrounds in Garena free fire 3volution are the perfect option for you. Not only are the gaming controls situated on the screen, but their navigation options are also quite simple. And the best part? The game only requires you to compete for a total of 10 minutes, and that too against only 49 other gamers. By playing this game you will be able to polish your skill set before jumping into some other advanced game with an intense level of gaming battle.

The rest of the gaming features are almost the same as any other battle game such as PUBG or Call of Duty. It starts with you getting dropped off at a remote island. From there you have to battle for your own survival, starting with collecting useful weapons and medical essentials. In order to win the game, you have to make sure that you are still inside the zone which is marked as safe by the end of the game. An additional attractive and useful feature of Garena free fire 3volution is that you can even form a squad of your own with up to 4 members in it. By making use of the game’s inbuilt voice chat feature, you can speak with your peers and make up strategies of your own. The graphics are so very smooth that there is no way that uncalled lag will ruin your gaming experience midway all of a sudden.


Hence, when it comes to gameplay, the games that range the closest to PUBG will be Call of Duty and Fortnite. Not only do you get the benefits of features that are quite similar to PUBG’s popular features such as the multiplayer modes of gaming or the deathmatch between 100 players, but they can be even better.

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