An Elementary School in Houston, Texas is Being Named After an Indian-American Woman

(Photo Courtesy; Sonal Bhuchar/Facebook)

In Houston, Texas, an elementary school is going to be named after Sonal Bhucher, an Indian-American trailblazer inspiring future generations.

The Trustees of the FBISD (Fort Bend Independent School District) unanimously decided to name an upcoming elementary school after Sonal Bhucher who passed away at the age of 58 due to cancer complications in 2019.

This school is set to open in the Riverstone community around January of 2023.

Sonal was originally from Mumbai, India. She was a professional physiotherapist and had completed her bachelor’s from Bombay University. In 1984, she immigrated to Houston, Texas with her husband Subodh Bhuchar. She was a member of the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees for six years and served as a President of the Board for 2 years. While on the board, she led many district initiatives including the Legislative Advocacy Programme, Student Leadership Programme, and WATCH (a lifestyle education program with scholarship opportunities).

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott appointed Sonal to the One Star National Service Commission Board in 2015 that oversees the administration and promotes volunteerism of the AmeriCorps programs in Texas.

Until her passing, Sonal was involved in many local, non-profit organizations which included the literacy council of Fort Bend, Child Advocates of Fort Bend, Texas Medical Association Alliance, Access Health, and many others.

Her former colleagues spoke very highly of her. They said that she worked very hard in the community and helped build bridges between the very diverse communities in Houston, Texas. Grayle James, the trustee who succeeded Sonal commented that Sonal supported them as Grayle learned their role on the school board and that they are very proud to be able to name this school after her.

Dr. Subodh, Sonal’s spouse, is overjoyed about this recognition. He talked about his partner saying that she was a warrior who helped pave a path for younger generations of men and women to follow. She set an example, showing that a way to succeed in life is to provide without expecting anything in return.

Local residents and family friends are also very happy with this decision. One of them stated that they are excited to see Sonal’s spirit being appreciated in a place where she lived and raised her family and inspired everyone in the community.

Another friend said that Sonal cared very deeply about this community and she was taken from the world too soon. She approved this decision stating that it is an honor for all first-generation immigrants.

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