Best and Worst Action-Adventure Games on the PS4!


Now that the PS4 is at the end of its life cycle after the release of the PS5, we can take a definite look back into the history of what was one of the most popular and highest selling gaming consoles ever. Not all games are created equally, and this is especially true for the PS4 games. Action-Adventure games are the most popular genre, where we see a combination of high-velocity action sequences and game-play along with adventurous stories and set pieces. Let’s take a look back into the history of the PS4 with the worst and best games that came out on it.

Worst PS4 Action-Adventure Games:

  • Duck Dynasty: Based on the popular TV show on History TV called Duck Dynasty, unlike what the name suggests, this 2017 game has very little to do with actually hunting ducks or exploring the vast wilderness of Southern USA. Instead what we get is a very juvenile game where you travel from one place to another, completing pointless tasks. These tasks are minigames that are too simple to do. All in all, the Duck dynasty lacks any meaningful gameplay and graphics.
  • Godzilla: Again, another game based on a movie, Godzilla ended up being a terrible video game that could not do justice to the source material. Godzilla himself looked like plastic and the gameplay was particularly lacking, with no real feedback or punch in it. Coupled with the poor graphics and boring story, this game was a huge flop.
  • Fast and Furious: Utilising the name tag of one the most popular Hollywood franchises, Fast and Furious tries to hedge the success of the game on its start cast. What it does not get right is the game itself. The gameplay is very poor, with car driving that is unnecessarily difficult, awkward, and glitch. The character models have very little detailing and sometimes glitch through materials as well. With so many problems, the game was just not fun.
  • Agony: Stepping into the horror territory, this game lived up to its name. Walking through the extremely dark environment was truly agonizing. Although the idea of hell was conceptually very interesting, only walking around and solving odd puzzles was not a satisfactory experience. Besides the game was riddled with bugs that could crash the whole game or wipe out your entire progress.
  • Marvel Avengers: With the trend of movie games being bad, the last entry is the Marvel Avengers, released recently. The characters look ghastly with faces looking like molten wax. The game is crude, inaccurate, and downright boring. All you have to do is keep hitting waves and waves of enemies with no variety in gameplay. And lastly, the game also runs very poorly on the PS4, giving low framerates and constant stuttering.

Best PS4 Action-Adventure Games:

  • Uncharted Series: The entire series following the story of adventurer Nathan Drake is an amazing experience on the PS4. It captures the essence of early adventure movies showing exotic locations and cunning adventures across the globe. Breathtaking locations around the world, parkour, action, and a gripping storyline, make Uncharted 1 to 4, an essential gaming experience for every PS4 owner.
  • God of War: A PlayStation classic, the PS4 God of War comes in as the fourth entry in the franchise. Following the story of Kratos and his son, God of War takes a fresh over-the-shoulder perspective as compared to its predecessors. It also toned down the gore and violence in order to deliver a more mature and serious rendition of Kratos. God of War is one of the most graphically beautiful games on the PS4 as well and left players in awe when it was first released.
  • The Last of Us Remastered: Perhaps the most iconic game from the Playstations, The Last of Us is set in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. With a duo of a senior man and young girl scouring the lands for their own survival, The Last of Us tells a great story of parental love, struggle and sacrifice for the greater good. The winner of several awards and accolades the Last of Us Remastered is a must-play on the PS4. Even with its success, the sequel of the game was also equally good if not better. However, the ideal way to enjoy The Last of Us Part 2 is on the PS5 which has improved graphical capabilities.
  • Red Dead Redemption 1&2: Set in the time of Westerns with cowboys riding horses along and carrying revolvers, both the Red Dead Redemption games are cold and brutal revenge stories. They have a sandbox open-world design, meaning you can go anywhere at any time without having to strictly adhere to a particular mission or chapter. The rich environments of deserts and snowy mountains make it so that you can pour hours simply roaming around on your horse and admiring the natural atmosphere that the game presents to you. Red Dead Redemption parts 1 and 2 are smashers in every single regard.
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Finally, we go to the Feudal Japanese era in the land of the Samurais. The game follows the Mongolian raid on the Island of Tsushima and how the protagonist struggles to survive the war and reclaim his homeland from the invaders. Ghost of Tsushima is celebrated not just for its sharp and difficult gameplay but also for its beautiful setting. Capturing the vistas and valleys of Ancient Japan with its varying climates and landscapes was a behemoth task. Another unique aspect of Ghost of Tsushima was the care that was given to maintain the historical and cultural accuracy of the scenes of Japanese history portrayed in the game. Ghost of Tsushima was met with much critical acclaim and is one of the top games on the PS4.

Having a wide variety of games out there, we suggest you stay clear of the worst games and ensure that no matter what happens you surely play the best Action-Adventure games on the PS4!

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