The Best Horror Movies to Enjoy on Amazon Prime

Watching movies is one of the best ways to spend your free time. Although there are several different genres of movies that you can pick and choose to watch during your leisure time, horror movies have a different charm altogether. Horror movies are that perfect blend of anticipation, excitement, and adrenaline rush, interspersed with those iconic jump scare moments to keep you on your feet! Horror movies can also be categorized into several subcategories too.

There’s the comedy-horror genre that has you laughing till your stomach hurts along with those chilling jump scares. Then there are thrillers that keep you totally engrossed and focused on the storyline and are jam-packed with action. Then there are the classics that are based on true events that have you researching more about the actual events. No matter what your horror movie preferences are, this article will be perfect for you. This article lists the best horror movies (comedy, thriller, etc.) that you can enjoy on Amazon Prime!

Here’s the list for you to Enjoy!

1. The Boy

Released in 2016, this is a fantastic watch for people who love thriller and suspense horror movies. With a run time of 94 minutes, this is a short yet exciting watch for all you horror movie lovers out there. This is available in four audio languages including English along with English subtitles. The Boy is a story about a new nanny who takes up the job of looking after the son of an affluent couple. The story unfolds when the nanny discovers that this boy is not human. He is a life-sized doll. She ends up breaking a lot of rules about “handling” the boy which unleashes a series of disturbing events.

2. Tumbbad

If you like fantasy, period-horror movies, this is an amazing movie for you. This movie was released in 2018 and has been internationally recognized to be a fantastic movie with a gripping storyline. Although this is a Hindi horror movie, it does come with English subtitles. This movie is set in a village called Tumbbad. In a castle with a shrine that houses immeasurable wealth, a family’s greed for that wealth unfolds horrific, chilling experiences, for the family. The shrine was built for an ancient, monstrous, and sinister entity Hastar. Vinayak’s greed for the wealth in Hastar’s shrine leads to deadly consequences. This movie has a run time of 105 minutes, so it is not too long and not too short.

3. Winchester

This is a horror movie that is based on true events. Launched in 2018, with a run time of 100 minutes, this is a good option for people who enjoy watching horror movies based on events that have actually occurred. This movie narrates the story of Sarah Winchester who built the Winchester Mystery House. This mansion may look quite eccentric to outsiders, but when a psychiatrist is sent to Mrs. Winchester’s mansion to treat her, he discovers the reasoning behind building the monstrous-looking mansion. The truth unfolds through innumerable spine-chilling moments and jump scares and will leave you feeling more curious than ever!

4. Vivarium

Do you like movies like Twilight or series like The Vampire Diaries dealing with existential dread and horror? If you do, then Vivarium is a must-watch for you. This is a movie with a really dark storyline about a young couple who are on the lookout for their first house. Their quest for a new house takes them to a surreal suburban neighborhood. But there’s a catch: there’s no escaping from this neighborhood. Although they try to get out of the neighborhood, crossing innumerable fences and streets, they just can’t. Then they come across a nightmare baby. This is a great option for you if you like movies with a layered storyline that really gets you thinking.

5. Friend Request


Released in 2016 and launched on Amazon Prime in 2017, this is a very interesting horror movie for people who enjoy movies about stereotypical mean girls. This is a movie about vengeance. This movie centers around a group of college girls. Laura along with her friends bully a girl named Marina. Then, Marina dies by suicide after feeling extremely humiliated. After Marina’s unfortunate death, Laura gets a friend request from a stranger and accepts it. After she accepts this friend request, a demonic force is unleashed. This demonic force makes life hell for Laura and her friends. Mysterious events unfold causing Laura’s friends to die, one at a time. This short 90-minute horror movie will leave you with goosebumps.

6. Oculus

This movie was released on Amazon Prime in 2014. With a good global rating and a run time of 103 minutes, this movie is the perfect blend of a psychological thriller and horror. This movie is full of jump scares and chilling paranormal scenes. This story is about two siblings who have had a horrific past. They had to witness the death of their parents at a young age brought upon by paranormal forces. However, the brother has been charged with the murder of his parents. The storyline deals with how the sister tries to prove to the justice system that her brother is innocent. The source of paranormal activity is an antique mirror (Lasser Glass).

Other horror movies on Amazon Prime

Apart from the top six horror movies that you should definitely watch on Amazon Prime, there are other hidden gems that you can watch as well. Although the Conjuring series and Annabelle movies are classics and are some of the scariest to watch, you can also check out Bhoot Part One – The Haunted Ship and Durgamati – The Myth, if you like Hindi horror movies. Don’t Breathe is another amazing English horror movie with a very high rating. It deals with the adventures of a group of teenagers who decide to break into a blind person’s house with bad intentions. Orphan is another internationally acclaimed psychological thriller and horror movie that will definitely give you the chills.

Check out these movies and enjoy your free time!

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