Elon Musk Urged People to Move to Texas to Join His Company Through Twitter

Photo by AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

On 30th March 2021, Elon Musk, the CEO of Space X extended an open invitation to his followers via Twitter. He asked people to consider moving to the greater Brownsville or South Padre area in Texas. He stated in his tweet that his company needs engineers, technician builders, and essential support personnel.

Musk settled down his company in Texas last year after the frustratingly strict Covid-19 restrictions in California, where resides his company’s headquarters. As the founder of Space X, Musk has a vision for the company’s presence in Texas. He wants and predicts that the company would increase by over several thousand employees in the next two years. If looked at the open positions, it shows that SpaceX needs not only engineers and technicians but also safety technicians, welders, managers, crane operators, cooks, and security officers.

He also wants to create a city called Starbase and wants to incorporate SpaceX’s launch facility, Boca Chica Village, into the city. This incorporation will be handled by the Cameron County Commissioners Court and the judge has said that Musk would have to follow all state incorporation statutes.

In some following tweets on the 29th, Musk expressed his plans to donate $20 million to schools in Cameron County and $10million to Brownsville to restore and renew the downtown areas of the city. More details have been promised to be released later. In response, the Twitter account for The City of Brownsville rejoiced in the news and expressed their gratitude for Musk’s support in making their city a launching pad to Mars.

These tweets followed the incident where SN11, Space X’s latest prototype exploded during a test flight and scattered debris everywhere.

SpaceX also revealed earlier this month that it is starting a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Austin, Texas. The candidates that would be hired here would help build equipment for the global high-speed internet service of Space X called Starlink. They must also agree to 25% travel to the Los Angeles facility of Space X until the Austin facility is fully established.

In November, Musk’s company also posted about many job openings in Austin which led some to believe that one of the tunnel systems of the company might be coming to the city. A Tesla factory in Austin is also announced by Musk which should begin construction plans from June. This would open up lots of job opportunities in Austin.

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