Future Focused Texas Looking to Increase the Number of College Admissions!

The upcoming plans of Future Focused Texas focus on tools, resources, and solutions for tackling the students’ requirements.

Sophomore Luna, a college student understands the hardship a student from rural areas in Texas has to go through during college admissions with minimal resources.  

Presently studying in Coastal Bend College virtually, she has seen many classmates from her hometown Charlotte to give up due to the complicated admission process.  That’s why Luna helps high school students to complete college and financial aid applications with ease as part of the Future Focused Texas initiative. 

This new campaign aims to boost college admissions amidst the effects of Covid-19. They want to serve the students virtually in the complete process during this tough time. Additionally, this agency also identifies counselors and mentor’s needs with the help of a public-private partnership.

As per the Director of the Texas College Access Network Shareea Woods, they want to ensure students don’t give up on their dream of higher education due to not having access to the right resources to complete the application process. 

Dean of Student Services & Accessibility of Coastal Bend College Kayla Jones states that the school had a group of successful mentors to organize workshops for future and current students. It includes education tips, career guidance, etc. for the betterment of students, but things changed due to covid-19. 

They have switched to online mode to tackle this issue by providing this guidance virtually and giving links for resources to the students. More than 4,800 students enrolled in Coastal Bend College in 2019, but those numbers fall through by 14% next year due to this pandemic’s obvious reasons. 

Future Focused initiative has counselors and programs to identify student’s issues from a rural background and make sure it gets solved. More than 700 college professionals are involved in this program whose motive is to decrease college admissions drop this year. This organization might face challenges, but it has succeeded in helping students in Texas to streamline the admission process.

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