Jordan Spieth Puts An End to A Four-Year Title Drought by Winning at Texas Open

Jordan Spieth won the Texas Open for a much-needed boost ahead of The Masters. PA

This win was monumental for Spieth’s career because he had gone 4 years without winning. This means it took him 1351 days to experience the joy of winning! Before April 5, 2021, Spieth participated in 82 events on his PGA Tour without a single victory. This streak of losing put his reputation and ranking as the number one golfer at risk. Without this win, he would’ve even lost his rank among the top 100 golfers in the world. 

Spieth’s strategy for securing his victory on Sunday was by making the most of the birdie chances. He closed with a 6-under 66. This held off Charley Hoffman. This is how he secured his victory at the Valero Texas Open.

According to Spieth, every golfer experiences highs and lows in their careers. However, he didn’t expect to go through such a long period of time without a single victory. According to Spieth, he felt like he should not have taken his wins back in the day, for granted. He also believes that golf is a highly competitive sport and it is very difficult to secure a victory, given the competition. 

Despite failing to secure a victory for four long years, Spieth is still one of the few golfers who has managed to secure 12 victories before turning 28. Spieth who is 27 years old, is now going to join the elite company of golfers such as Phil Mickelson, Justin Thomas, Tiger Woods, and Rory McIlroy. What all these elite golfers have in common is that they have all successfully secured 12 victories before turning 28 years old. 

Now, this promising golfer is headed to Augusta National. At the Masters, Spieth is a favorite because of his repertoire of victories. When he debuted in 2014, he secured the position of runner-up. In 2015, he won and in 2016, he was runner-up once again. 

With his 12th victory, Spieth’s rank has improved. He now ranks in the top 50 golfers around the world, at the 38th position. His 12th victory got him a wonderful trophy, a rank in the top 50 golfers around the world as well as a pair of boots!

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