Texans rush to vaccination centres as State Governor lifts mask mandate


Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

Long queues can be seen outside vaccination centers in Texas as Governor Greg Abbott of the Reublican Party said that can now ‘open 100%’ without masks. This move has had a severe reaction from the citizens of Texas who are now scrambling to get vaccinated at the earliest or bear the risk of getting infected as now the masks are off.

In broad terms, it can seem as a progressive step towards returning to normal but on further scrutiny, the fault lines start to appear. The Republican Governor seems to have been hasty in removing the masks. Considering that a sizeable amount of people have not yet been vaccinated, this decision leaves them vulnerable to the infectious Corona Virus.

Governor Abbot, through an executive order, lifted the mandate of masks in the state. he said “It is now time to open Texas 100%. So today, I am issuing a new executive order that rescinds most of the earlier executive orders: effective next Wednesday, all businesses of any kind are allowed to open 100%. Also, I am ending the statewide mask mandate.”.

The announcement also sparked sharp reaction from Democrats. Many were of the opinion that Governor had ended the mask mandate in order to distract from the issue of gross mismanagement of the state during the arctic storms which lead to power outage at mass levels leading to many being without power or water for days.

Democrat leaders said they fear that the resulting surge in Covid cases from this hasty decision would be difficult to manage. They also said the state will try to incriminate the immigrants. They are of the suspicion that undocumented immigrants would be made scapegoats for the state’s mistakes.

While state has opened the state, private properties still encourage and recommend the use of masks even now. Many restaurants and bars have asked their patrons to wear masks except on table and maintain appropriate social distance.

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