Texas Governor Greg Abbott Targets Biden Government’s Failed Policies for an Increase in Unaccompanied Minors Crossing US-mexican Border

Gov. Greg Abbott criticized the Biden Administration's approach to border security at a press conference at Anzalduas Park in Mission on March 9, 2021. Credit: Jason Garza for The Texas Tribune

Abbott talks about the illegal minor immigrants who are continuously entering the state from the US-Mexican border on his visit to Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

 The federal government is looking to convert the Hutchison Convention Center into a temporary shelter home for unaccompanied teen boys ranging from 15 to 17 years. They will stay here for up to 90 days, depending on the conditions. 

US Health and Human Services will open the center to ease some tension from the Border Patrol, who can’t keep minors for over three days as per the law. However, nearly 3,000 kids had stayed in their custody for more than the maximum limit of 72 hours. 

Texas Governor has heavily panned the present government policies and condemns them for a recent surge in illegal minor immigrants. He said that the administration has developed inhumane circumstances for minors that are kept in Texas. Abbott further added that Biden’s open border policies have led to the creation of worst conditions for minors who are crossing borders without their guardians.

As per Abbott, the Biden government should give the necessary details about how these immigrants have crossed the borders and how long they will stay in Texas or the United States.

In fact, Abbot said that this government’s policies encourage illegal border crossing instead of making any measures to stop it. 

What’s the real story?

 Since April 2020, there is a great surge in the number of migrants caught by the Border Patrol at the US-Mexican border. At that time, Donald Trump was the President, but it has reached the highest point in February-March if we talk about the past two years. 

The Biden administration’s expelling laws for immigrants don’t apply to teens under 18 years as they are allowed to temporarily stay in the country.

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