Texas Panhandle Witnessed Multiple Tornadoes With No Fatalities!

Generic image of a thunderstorm. (Pixabay)

Texas Panhandle has dealt with several tornadoes on Saturday afternoon as per the National Weather Service’s latest reports. Luckily, no one gets injured or dead in these tornadoes. 

According to popular meteorologist Trent Hoffeditz, a couple of tornadoes hit the Palo Duro Canyon State Park located to the South of Amarillo. This instance has caused a little bit of damage to buildings and a home in this park, as per Chad Orton, Director of Amarillo Area Emergency Management. 

He states that few power lines and a cell town have got affected along with damage to only a single house. However, no injuries occur since the family moved to the basement to protect themselves. Other than that, everything is safe in the area. 

Joe Merchant, a meteorologist in the Lubbock weather office, said more than four twisters touch the towns of Hale Center, Happy, and Nazareth, all located in Lubbock. He further states that finding out these twisters’ exact power isn’t possible now, but there is not even a single report of any injury. 

Several survey teams were sent to locations that experienced these tornadoes in the early hours of Sunday morning. According to the weather forecast, the storm will continue its dominance for a few days and will produce heavy rains for sure. 

Merchant has said that the rain might accompany flash flooding and even more tornadoes, so the public should stay in alert mode.

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