Texas Winter Storm Caused at Least 57 Deaths, Mainly From Hypothermia!

Credit: The Texas Tirbune

According to state health officials, the death toll could rise as they are yet to verify all bodies due to the failure of the power grid in many areas.

As per early reports from Texas health officials, nearly 57 individuals have lost their lives due to recent winter storms. Harris County has hit the most with 25 fatalities out of all the counties where this storm has hit. A significant portion of these deaths has resulted from carbon monoxide poisoning and medical equipment failure due to power loss. 

The state agency says that these deaths happened in at least 25 counties of the state. Apart from hypothermia, few people have died because of motor vehicle wrecks between 11 February & 5 March. The agency said this data is preliminary and subject to change as the state officials are yet to verify all the deaths. They further evaluate that the details will be updated on a weekly basis. 

Texas’s electricity system got severely hit due to many winter storms that dropped the state’s temperature to a subfreezing level. It has resulted in huge power grid failures across the various counties of the state.  More than 4.5 million home and businesses face the power blackout when the crisis was at its peak. 

Texas faces extreme weather conditions as most of the central and southern portion of the United States in February. These states have to face many storm-related issues during this time. While most of the continental US has two main alternating power grids, Texas has to operate on an isolated network that operated by ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas). 

These storms disrupt the ERCOT’s system that result in halting the Texas electricity infrastructure. The supply of oil and gas also gets affected, making the system meet the demands of the state’s residents. 

Texas politicians avoided multiple warnings from the Federal regulators about modifying the electricity infrastructure for years. We hope that the governing council will work on this suggestion to minimize the effects of storms that occur in the early months of every year.

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