The Body of a Missing Airman Found In Texas After All Hopes Were Lost

Family members found the body of a 22 year old airman off the coast of Texas after he was reported missing. The airman, Elijah Posana, was swimming along the shore of the Surfside Beach at Freeport on Sunday when he was pulled away by the current, says a witness. Freeport is located right along the Gulf of Mexico, just around 60 miles from Houston.

Sheriff Bo Stallman reported that Posana’s body was discovered on Tuesday morning between access point 3 and access point 4 of the Follett Island Beach, which is located about 3 to 4 miles away from where he went missing. His body was discovered by family members who are looking for him. The Coast guard had suspended the search officially on Monday afternoon after finding nothing. However, which family member found Posana’s body has still not been reported.

Stallman was duly reported after the body was discovered, and an investigation has begun since then. The local agencies, as well as the coast guard, had searched 100 square miles for over 28 hours, according to a news release by the US coast guard on Monday. Lt. Col. Devin Sproston gave a statement expressing his grief on the death of airman Posana.

Posana was an active duty member of the response team that was assigned to the security force squadron in Missouri. He was enjoying a vacation in Texas with his family when he went missing. Commander Sproston went on to send prayers and condolences to the family members of the dead airman. The shocking news has made the family members, as well as every other person in the squadron, extremely morose.

Posana’s death is being grieved by his family members and those close to him, while investigations continue.

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