With Only Quarter of People Fully Vaccinated, Demand for Vaccines Drop in Texas


As vaccinations were rolling out all over the country, Texas complained of not having enough vaccines to sustain the population for months. However, with a decent increase in the flow of vaccines, people have suddenly stopped turning up for the dosage. However, this is no good news since less than ┬╝th of the population has been completely vaccinated.

According to sources, around 7 million people in Texas have gotten their vaccination. However, the health department has observed a decrease in the demand for vaccines in public vaccination sites. By April 14th, the number of people with the first round of vaccination increased by almost a million, but since then, the number has plummeted to 660,000.

Leaders of the state are not taking various measures to help people feel motivated to get vaccinated. In fact, there are now walk-in facilities available where one can get vaccinated without prior bookings. The Department of State Health Services has also assured the Wall Street Journal that they are also gearing up for some TV campaigns to help the outreach program even more.

One good news, however, is that the senior population of Texas have mostly been successfully vaccinated. About 60% above the age of 65 years have been vaccinated, according to a report published on April 21. However, since the announcement of vaccinations being rolled out for all adults belonging to an age range of 16-49, only 1/5th of this large demographic have been vaccinated.

Imelda Garcia of the laboratory and infectious disease services said in a press conference that those individuals who were interested in getting vaccinated have been successfully enrolled and have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine. However, the challenge now is to make the vaccine accessible so that even those who would not go out of their way can quickly get their hands on the vaccine.

However, the rate of vaccination is quite varied around Texas. Most urban and suburban areas have shown a decent percentage of people getting their first dose of vaccine. With the vaccine becoming more accessible to one and all and being distributed fairly around Texas, it is expected that the rate of vaccination will increase in time.

Local experts and leaders are all of the opinions that people should get vaccinated as soon as possible to stay safe against the new surge of cases that are being witnessed.

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